Shelter Dog No Longer Feels Blue After Being Reunited With Her Puppies

USATODAY_Humankind Published August 17, 2017 155,697 Plays

Rumble This dog was sad and anxious when she was surrendered to the Marin County Humane Society, but employees at the center couldn’t figure out why she felt so blue. They treated and cared for her, but to no avail, the dog was devastated. They were examining her only to find found that she had recently given birth to a litter of puppies and was longing for her offspring.

When this abandoned dog arrived at the animal shelter in Novato, California she was deeply sad and depressed as if she was missing something. The facility took her in and named her Cora, after a Downton Abbey character. Later they found out that she was actually missing four tiny, furry somethings. When the shelter realized Cora had a litter of puppies they worked hard to reunite the family again.

The moment Cora saw her puppies she perked up instantly. Watch how ecstatic she gets when she is presented with her puppies, she cannot contain her excitement. Her motherly instinct immediately started kicking and she is overwhelmed to see them.

It was after the medical examinations that vets realized that Cora had recently given birth to a litter of puppies. They reached Cora's previous owners and urged them to give up the puppies. It was for the best for the puppies to be nursed by their mother, so when they arrived at the shelter they were immediately reunited with their mother.

Watch the heartwarming moment when these adorable furry things are brought face-to-face with their mother. Cora has her eyes wide open and a curious look on her face. Shortly after, she dares to approach and starts sniffing the pups. She realizes that these are her puppies and starts wagging her tail for joy.

Watch as Lisa Bloch from the Marin Humane Society presents Cora with her puppies, one by one. The dog mom cannot stand still. Footage shows overjoyed Cora walking up and down the room, looking at the carriage for more puppies. These balls of fur also received Downton Abbey names, Mosley, Branson, Edith and Carson.

It is adorable how Cora gets an instantaneous change in mood from being withdrawn and sad to expressing pure joy and excitement. They finally realized the reason why she felt so blue, she had been stripped of her newborn babies and was longing for them. Poor thing!