Parents Surprise Daughters With Adopted Baby Sister

USATODAY_Humankind Published August 17, 2017 31,430 Plays

Rumble The younger of the two biological daughters of Shane and Kasi Pruitt was the first to vocally react to this incredible surprise. “Are you kidding me?” yells 6-year-old Harper, as her mom entered the kitchen with their adopted baby sister. Her older sister Raygen just started crying, unable to hold back her joy.

Shane, a director of missions for the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and his wife have been going through the adoption process for the past 10 months. Then they got the call; it was July 25, the night before this video was taken. The Texas couple went to meet with the baby’s birth parents and took the girl home the same day.

It all actually happened so quickly, they didn’t have time to tell their biological daughters or their adopted sons Titus and Elliot about the addition. Still, the girls, much older than their adopted brothers, have been asking about it every day since their parents started the process. Naturally, when their mom came home with the baby in her hands, the emotion was just too much to bear.

The two super excited sisters leave what they were doing right then and there and start jumping up and down, with Harper doing the happy dance, while her older sister bawls her eyes out. Shane and Kasi say that the girls’ reactions are befitting to their personalities - Harper is typically outspoken one, while Raygen is more sensitive and emotional.

Do you remember when you first met your baby sibling? Or maybe you are the baby sibling?