Helped By A Stranger On A Difficult Day, She Unknowingly Returns The Favor

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Published: August 17, 2017

TunDe Hector and the Wright family were all connected in a serendipitous way. A month after Judy Wright and her husband moved to Georgia to be closer to their son, she fell ill from complications with Parkinson’s disease. She required medical attention at her home and her family hired a nurse. But that woman cancelled at the last minute and TunDe arrived in her stead.

What both sides were about to find out is that TunDe had crossed paths with another member of the Wright family three years before she came to care for Judy. She had run out of gas and only had $5 in her pocket, when a man saw her walking to a gas station, gas can in hand, paid for her gas and gave her the rest of the money he had.

The kind stranger that helped TunDe od that difficult day was Judy’s son Chris. As people of faith, they believed that it was God that orchestrated them to meet this way, with TunDe and Judy’s guardian angel. During Judy’s care, the Wright’s learned of TunDe’s dreams to become an OBGYN nurse, but her tuition was past due and she couldn’t afford it.

After Judy passed away, her family decided it was an opportunity to help their mother’s guardian angel, so in lieu of flowers, they asked mourner to donate money for TunDe’s tuition. In less than a week, they raised more than $8,000 and presented her with the surprise check. Needless to say, TunDe was touched by the gesture.

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