Blind Therapy Dog Lightens The Day Of Children Patients

USATODAY_Humankind Published August 17, 2017 3,692 Plays

Rumble Therapy dogs are trained to help those who are sick and in need and play a very important role. Service animals assist those with medical conditions helping them with their daily tasks, and therapy dogs provide priceless emotional support to those in need! Harley, the yellow Labrador, lost her eyes to glaucoma, but uses her disability to help children in the hospital. This therapy dog has had an incredible journey over the course of her life.

She was only five-years-old when she developed this condition which causes gradual blindness, and unfortunately in Harley’s case, she lost her eyesight entirely almost overnight, leaving her vets wonder how her blindness occurred so rapidly.

After going blind, the glaucoma caused a buildup of pressure that caused Harley pain, so owner Rita Harrell made the difficult decision to have Harley’s eyes removed in order to improve her quality of life. When she came home after she had her eyes removed, she was like a puppy, very happy and constantly wagging her tail!

Harley keeps a very playful and cheerful attitude despite of her disability which makes her a perfect candidate for a therapy dog. Now, she visits Shriners Hospital for Children, brightening the days of its young patients and inspiring them to overcome their difficulties, just like she did.

Children patients reach out to pet Harley and giggle when she licks their cheeks. Harley has created a special bond with these kids in braces and wheelchairs and lightens their day!