Dog Sees Young Deer Struggling In Water, Saves It

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Published: August 17, 2017

It might have been sheer curiosity, or plain animal instinct. Call it as you wish, this pup is named a hero, after jumping into the waters in the harbor off Long Island, New York to save a fawn from drowning!

Mark Freeley was walking his English golden retriever Storm along the Long Island Sound, when the brave dog spotted the baby animal fighting against the water for some air. Without a second thought, Storm jumped into the water and started swimming in the direction of the fawn, got a hold of it by the neck and swam with it to shore.

As soon as they touched dry land, the obviously frightened baby deer started running for the woods, but Storm wouldn’t let him, despite his owner’s praises. It seems he just wanted to make sure that the poor animal was alright, before letting it go home. We can see him nudging and pulling the fawn to be certain it was stable.

Mark instantly called for experts from the Rescue League to tend to the unfortunate baby, but as soon as they arrived on the scene, the fawn darted back for the water. It was the humans who went in to save it this time.

The fawn was taken to a Long Island nonprofit for rescued animals called the Star Foundation, where it would be treated for a few months until it can recover and go safely back into the wild.

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