Check Out These 9 Super Quick Tricks That Will Save You Some Nerves In The Bathroom

HouseholdHackerPublished: August 18, 201733,883 views
Published: August 18, 2017

some of our favorite bathroom tricks to help you keep yours fresh and clean and most importantly... UNCLOGGED!

First of all, let’s address the noise problem. Don’t you just hate it when you drop the seat of your toilet down, only for it to bang on the porcelain, the sound echoing across the bathroom tiles and you wish you knew how to use it without ever lifting it? All you have to do is save the cork from the next vintage you down, slice it up and stick it under to muffle the sound. You can also use self adhesive furniture casters or chair glides.

When you are out of bathroom freshener, hide a few dryer sheets under the toilet paper roll. Wrap a few on the holder and put your roll on. Every time the roll spins, the sheets will release their scent and no one will ever know!

Speaking of toilet paper, here’s a secret that will save you the agony when you find yourself without the fluffy white stuff. The empty roll can be deconstructed into the several rolls it is made of, which if you layer down enough, can be soft enough for your derriere and easy enough to flush. You’re welcome.

Keep watching for more awesome tricks when in the throne room, and while you are there, check out HouseholdHacker’s other video with more tips, tricks and hacks that will make your life a breeze!

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