A Giant Blackhead Extraction

starfisher Published August 16, 2017 3,649 Plays

Rumble An 85-Year-Old woman had a giant mole on her back for years. She never thought anything of it until it began to cause her pain.

But when her daughter urged her to go see Dr. Sandra Lee, aka “Dr. Pimple Popper,” the 85-year-old gave in. She found out that the “mole” was actually a GIANT blackhead that needed to be popped…

After injecting some local anesthetic, Dr. Pimple Popper gets to work at the 1:30-mark in the video. “It’s like a little plug in a faucet,” Dr. Pimple Popper says.

She grabs a pair of tweezer and starts to grip the blackhead in order to yank it from the woman’s shoulder. It doesn’t take the doctor long to remove the blackhead. And it’s huge!

“We plan to see her again in the near future, and if she doesn’t like the appearance, or if it tends to fill again, we can excise the enlarged pore, and place a couple stitches, so that she replaces the “hole” with a fine line scar,” Dr. Pimple Popper writes in the video description.