Mom Begs Strangers Not To Fear ‘Contagious’ Daughter By Kissing Her In Public

Caters_NewsPublished: August 16, 201721,325 views
Published: August 16, 2017

This is the heartwarming story of a loving mom addressing strangers not to fear her daughter who ‘looks like she has a contagious disease’ by kissing and cuddling her in public, teaching ignorant people that her psoriasis-suffering toddler daughter is not suffering from a contagious disease.

Ashley Nagy, 29, from Queen Creek in Arizona, USA, is daily facing the cruel stares and comments of strangers and is trying hard to combat them by showing affection to her 19-months-old baby girl Charlie in public.

She shares photos of Charlie in order to raise awareness of her daughter’s skin condition after revealing that other parents drag their children away from her in case they catch something contagious. People can be quick to judge sometimes and this mom wants to teach them a lesson!

Moreover, Ashley’s husband Andrew, 32, has been accused by strangers of letting his daughter to get 'severely sunburnt', which is what they think Charlie has. This mother-of-two explains that strangers can be very cruel about her daughter’s skin appearance and often try to keep their kids away thinking Charlie is very contagious.

Normally, Ashley’s response to it is to pick Charlie up and kiss her so that people can see that she is not contagious and being near her isn't going to hurt anyone.

Charlie was diagnosed with psoriasis at four-months-old after small red dots appeared all over her skin, and later developed into large welts that would peel and flake off. This disease affects more than 125 million people worldwide and flare-ups are often brought on by stress, illness and food intolerances.

In fact, psoriasis flare-ups happen sporadically. One moment the skin is completely free and several hours later it is covered in red from head to toe. It starts off as wide, raised, red spots that then look like little whiteheads, after which they dry up to flake, crack and peel from the body. No matter how bad it might look, we shouldn’t judge people by their appearance!

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