Romantic Guy Surprises Girlfriend With Proposal While Taking Photo

NewsflarePublished: August 16, 201724,625 views
Published: August 16, 2017

Let’s face it, this is all on the girls, but communication is key here. Best ask around what her thoughts are on the matter, to get a grip on what she might be expecting from the grand moment. Does she want to be surprised or does she want to make it like an agreement? Out in the wild or the comfort of your own home? Simple or ostentatious? So many choices!

One girl had a very romantic and intimate surprise by the sea that could have easily been from a movie scene! A video has emerged from the US of a man proposing to his girlfriend while they take a picture together.

The footage, captured on August 15, shows a couple posing for a picture. Behind the camera is the brave guy’s mom, pretending to take a photo of the loving couple. When the mother asks them to pose for a picture, the guy suddenly kneels down to ask his girlfriend to marry him. It is pretty obvious that the man has kept this a secret all this time, since even the mother can be heard screaming from behind the camera. We don’t know who is more shocked, the mother or her daughter. We can hear the mom screaming in disbelief from behind the camera since this should have been just a normal photo shoot and not a breath-taking proposal.

This guy just knows how to choose the perfect scenery. It is a view that the three of them will never forget. Everything works in the favor of the guy: sunny weather, the sea that overflows its waves on the shore, sky with scattered white clouds - a perfect setup in nature for an occasion like this one. Never did this girl think that this would be the most meaningful moment of their lives.

When it comes to proposals, there are as many different proposals as there are people on this earth. The ideas are infinite and many of them are unique. Have a look at this fake commercial for instance which magically turns into a marriage proposal. This woman thinks she is shooting a romantic video for a business advertisement, but she has no clue what is about to take place. There is no other way to propose to the one you love than on a one-of-a-kind romantic hovercraft adventure. Man arranges a hovercraft ride with his woman, saying that they will film a commercial. The driver takes them to a stranded island on the lake where they share a picnic together. Moments later, the drone comes closer carrying a red rose, to which the woman comes to pick it up. The man stands behind her, preparing to propose. Amazing how a fake commercial turns into a surprise marriage proposal. This is another creative idea for an outside marriage proposal.

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