Lion's Attempt At Hunting Hippo Backfires Spectacularly

Storyful Published August 15, 2017 105,089 Plays

Rumble When someone thinks of the most dangerous animal on the African continent, they probably never even consider the massive herbivores that populate the Nile and its surrounding areas. After you watch this video, then you will know to correct everyone in their faulty assumptions. Be advised, though, the footage may be disturbing to some.

Hippos typically don’t find themselves being hunted by other animals, despite living in environments full of deadly predators. In this video from Kenya, a lion attempts to hunt a hippo, providing a perfect example of why the big herbivores usually get left alone.

This eager lion was on the hunt for some food in Maasai Mara, Kenya, when she spotted a <a href="" target="_blank">hippopotamus</a> lying in the grass. The hungry lion approached the hippo from behind, but the quest failed in spectacular fashion. Once the lion was spotted, it didn’t take long for the hippo to retaliate.

The video was shot by a man named Will Brookes while on his honeymoon and has been shared on various platforms since it originally came out. At first it seems like a close call, as the lioness approaches the sleeping lump in the grass, sniffing at it curiously. But the <a href="" target="_blank">hippo</a> sensed the presence of a predator, so it jumps and lunges for the big cat.

The lioness starts walking away, but the hippo catches up with her and nudges her on the back, but when she turns around for a fight, she is shown who the real king of the jungle is, as the massive hippo grabs her by the head and smacks her on the ground, stomping along the way.

According to the National Geographic, Brookes approached them to explain that after this interaction, the lioness has been found dying, likely suffering internal injuries.

Credit: Maasai mara Sightings via Storyful