Boat Tour Takes A Surprising Twist When Tourists Spot Great White Shark Eating Parts Of Whale Carcass

NewsflarePublished: August 15, 2017242,666 views
Published: August 15, 2017

The ocean is full of many amazing creatures. One such creature is the great white shark. As scary as they might be, they are actually valuable animals in the ocean's ecosystem. Sure, they can be terrifying, but realistically there is nothing to fear as they rarely attack humans. Instead they feast on other ocean life and keep the food chain in balance. That seems to be exactly the case here in this clip!

An amazing video has emerged from Australia of tourists encountering a great white shark eating a dead minke whale. The footage, captured on August 11 off the coast of Sydney, shows the shark feasting on the whale carcass right in front of the tourists' boats.

"I took my 3 year old daughter to Sydney to our first whale tour and we witnessed a once in a life time event," the filmer later wrote online.

"My daughter didn't bat an eyelid," he added.

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