Humpback Whale Throws A Show As It Breaches In Front Of A Tourist Boat

NewsflarePublished: August 15, 201748 views
Published: August 15, 2017

An amazing video has emerged from the US of a humpback whale breaching right next to tourist boat. The clip has been shot in 2016, but has emerged online only just recently.

The footage, captured off the coast of Monterey Bay, California, shows the massive marine mammal leap out of the water and land with a huge splash just feet away from the boat. The tourists from Russia took their three kids to go whale watching, then the huge beast leapt out of the water, landing with a slap and a splash.

Seemingly flattered by the attention he had been receiving, the humpback whale repeated his stunt eight more times. He would then come right back, peek out of the water and slap on the surface with his pectoral fins. It is as is he is saying “hi” and “thank you for being such a great, easily impressed audience” :)

Marine scientists are still not completely sure about the reason behind whales breaching, but have a few ideas. The breaching is usually a form of language, meant to send a message to a nearby member of the school or as a part of the mating ritual. They also could be telling whales from other schools that this is their territory. And the simplest reason of all - hygiene; the impact with water could be deterring those pesky parasites off their skin.

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