Briton Climbs The Smallest Pyramid In Giza With His GoPro, Despite Knowing It Is Strictly Forbidden

NewsflarePublished: August 14, 20177,583 views
Published: August 14, 2017

An amazing video has emerged from Egypt of a man with a GoPro camera strapped to him climbing up one of the three pyramids of Giza. In the footage, filmed in June this year, the man can be seen climbing the pyramid of Menkaure before giving people and incredible view of the desert and the smaller pyramids from the top.

According to the filmer, the local police were not very happy with him, as climbing pyramids is not allowed because it can be very dangerous.

In case you were wondering what makes climbing the ancient pyramids so dangerous, here’s the simple version. The masonry structures were concluded somewhere around the year 2560 B.C., which makes the 4000 years old! The stones might be holding one on top of the other, but the sun, the dry heat and, of course, time have taken their toll on the quality of the stones. One trespasser in a while might not do much of a damage, but what do you think will happen if they allowed it to be a common practice?

We can’t tell for sure if the guy got a penalty for his adventurous endeavor or not. Egyptian officials have put a ban on tourists climbing the structures in the 1980’s, but there are still some tourist guides who would lead tourists half way up for a decent bribe.

Another tourist managed to climb the Pyramid of Cheops on his own, but got a very serious penalty for doing so. Andrej Ciesielski from Munich received a life-long ban from entering Egypt after scaling the 456 foot structure.

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