Caring Cat Comforts Owner Every Time She Starts Crying

Caters_NewsPublished: August 14, 201718,361 views
Published: August 14, 2017

We are sure you have heard this statement time and again - cats are plain jerks. They have zero respect for your personal space, they don’t care about your time and they certainly couldn’t care less about your stuff. Screaming, scratching, pushy bullies are cats.

But every once in awhile we get surprised by a feline individual that behaves like a puppy; they love, care and respect you as their owner and companion and shower you with affection. Like this girl.

Delilah the cat loves her owner, 16-year-old Alyssa Patty so much, she just can’t stand to see her human companion in distress. Every time she hears crying sounds coming from the girl, the feline jumps to her aid, ready to comfort her.

Alyssa demonstrates the power of her cat’s love on three different occasions, just to make sure that you believe the cat means well. Whenever the teenage girl throws herself on the floor of her home in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA and starts “bawling her eyes out”, the rescued cat runs over, climbs on her back and starts massaging her, as if to stop her from crying.

“There there, my blond hairless cat, don’t cry. I’m right here”

Alyssa’s sister Ashley says that the entire family finds Delilah’s behavior insanely hilarious and adorably cute. “We are a bit jealous because Delilah only does this to Alyssa and not the rest of us as they have a special bond. She usually carries on the kneading until Alyssa stops crying.”

Where can we get a kitty like this one?

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