Flash Bangs, Pepper Spray Used to Disperse Protesters During Solidarity Rally

StoryfulNews Published August 13, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Police used flash bangs and pepper spray to disperse a crowd of protesters in downtown Seattle on Sunday, August 13. The group had gathered to show solidarity for victims of the deadly Charlottesville vehicle incident on August 12. The rally was reportedly organized by several groups, some associated with the antifa movement, and was scheduled to begin in Denny Park and end in Westlake Park, where the far-right group Patriot Prayer had a rally scheduled. Police had used the flash bang grenades and pepper spray to keep the protest group from entering Westlake Park, according to a reporter at the rally. The Seattle Times reported there were some clashes between Patriot Prayer attendees, in pro-President Donald Trump clothing, and antifa protesters. Credit: Twitter/kcleland via Storyful