South Korean Artist Creates A Stunning Cloud Painting

NewsflarePublished: August 13, 2017267 views
Published: August 13, 2017

Sung Ho Lee, or better known under the artistic moniker Zazac Namoo, is a young artist from South Korea whose dreamlike paintings sweep across the Internet creating a whirlwind of attention and awakening the interest of art-lovers across the globe. Zazac Namoo is renowned for making amazing watercolor masterpieces that can blow one's mind, although he is not adverse to other styles such as cartoons, portraits, pencil drawings. He draws his inspiration from travel and communication with people and most of his paintings clearly illustrate that: nature, animals and people appearing as subjects. He is also known for his dabbling with the surreal, using watercolors and creating a spread of the natural overall painting to blend reality with surrealism.

Zazac Namoo makes sure to always take videos of his work process and share them on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media. When asked about his artwork, Zazac Namoo describes his paintings as dreamlike renderings of hidden social strifes or invisible problems expressed through the symbolism in his art. His selected color pallet brims with vivid colors and his brush strokes nearly resemble digital art in blending reality with surrealism.

In the time-lapse video on the top of the page, Zazac Namoo shows the process he resorts to when painting his cloud series. After shaving chalk on the white surface of the paper, he spreads the chalk dust in an uneven way across. He then continues applying layers of bright color laid on top of each other with chalk to accentuate the highlights. The white works wonders when deep and texture is required. The easiness in which he operates leads the viewer to believe it is easy to adopt this technique and reproduce his works which is a mark of true artistic mastery.

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