Man Rescues Impala Stuck In Mud Pool

Newsflare Published August 12, 2017 1,084 Plays

Rumble Footage has emerged of a man rescuing an impala that became stuck neck-high in mud. The video, captured in Tanzania, shows the man getting into the mud and hauling the female impala out with his hands.

He eventually managed to bring the animal out unharmed, despite the poor animal’s frightened screams. When the man gets her out, he observes that she is weak from here struggle with him and the mud, which is probably why she gave up the struggle. Or maybe she finally understood what the human is trying to do.

"It's true that it's not a good idea to interfere in nature but when it comes to a distressed female impala stuck up to her neck in mud at sundown then exceptions have to be made," the filmer wrote online.

Although the footage was captured in 2014, it has recently emerged online.

The historical range of the impala – spanning across southern and eastern Africa – has remained intact to a great extent, although it has disappeared from a few places, such as Burundi. The range extends from central and southern Kenya and northeastern Uganda in the east to northern KwaZulu-Natal in the south, and westward up to Namibia and southern Angola.

The black-faced impala is confined to southwestern Angola and Kaokoland in northwestern Namibia; the status of this subspecies has not been monitored since the 2000s. The common impala has a wider distribution, and has been introduced in protected areas in Gabon and across southern Africa. (source:Wikipedia)