Robert "RJ" Regan, Helping Candidates to See What Lies Before them! Wild Wild Story!

2 months ago

Here is the Article RJ published at American Revival Press telling his story:

In this episode of "All Politics is Local" Robert Anthony interviews RJ Regan. Mr Regan was Huge News in 2020 and 2021 - international media picked up the stories surrounding this man running for State Rep. in Michigan! Why? You ask. Why would a state Rep candidate make international news!? Listen to his story. Very revealing of what is wrong with our precious United States and what we can do to fix it!!

It's still hard to believe one man endured so much and remains optimistic, hopeful and a true Christian!

Listen to his story...

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So much going on - and we are praying and believing for the coming Revival to save our nation once and for all!!

We keep saying it and believing,


- American Revival Press

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