Car Has A Near Miss Episode With A Truck That Tips

Newsflare Published August 11, 2017 43,360 Plays

Rumble Dramatic footage from China of a car narrowly avoiding being crushed by truck when it flips on a motorway. Like a high speed chase scene from a Hollywood blockbuster movie, you will have to rewind it over and over to check how lucky the driver of the car really was!

The security camera video was filmed in Guigang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on August 7. The CCTV footage shows the driver of heavy semi losing control of the massive vehicle after turning a corner. The semi’s trailer suddenly flips to the left and crashes just a foot away from a passenger car that passed the truck, going in the opposite direction.

The camera is facing a road that is passing an open field on the right. One white Nissan Stallion is seen driving in the direction of the camera. Then appears the semi, loaded with planks, which appears to have caught the turn wrong and tips over completely, before being sent a few dozen feet further up the road under the weight of the load and the speed with which it was travelling. The Nissan seems to have missed the heavy onslaught by a hair. Fortunately, reports claim that no one was injured in the incident.

This near miss accident reminds us of another video of a close call that happened on Paekakiriki Hill Road in New Zealand when a van had a surprisingly close encounter with a tractor uphill a narrow road. Luckily, no-one was hurt and the only damage was to the bank and the road marker. This road is closed to wide vehicles, so the tractor driver should not have been there in the first place.

The van hit the pothole and slid into the bank to avoid the tractor, while everything in the back tumbled and fell out of its shelving, but luckily there was no serious damage.

If you ride regularly in the countryside, you'll know just how frightening it can be when a tractor is passing just right next to you. However, when one is driving in a curved uphill road, which is also narrow, usually never imagines that a tractor will pass by.

That's what happened in this video, described as "more like a head-on" than a close pass, experience. The road is narrow, the tractor is coming down from a recent curve, the driver is overly surprised and uncertain whether the road will allow them to pass safely without touching, each of them holding their line.

We can't help but wondering, whether the tractor knew that this road is a forbidden area for wide vehicles, and whether it noticed the vehicle passing in the first place. Over the years literally hundreds of close passes have been reported and near misses involving badly driven vehicles, so awareness needs to be raised!

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