Impatient Pooch Repeatedly Honks Car Horn Until Owner Returns From Store

StoryfulPublished: August 11, 2017464 views
Published: August 11, 2017

What is a car’s horn for anyway? Sure it is a signal to announce your presence or to warn someone in traffic, but other than that, it is just a nuisance in populated areas. One four legged citizen found that the car horn can actually serve as a reminder for his owner that someone is waiting in the car for them!

Footage of an impatient dog waiting for its owner outside of a store is gaining traction online, after it was posted by Justin Crail on August 8. The clip was shared to Facebook and Twitter by New Jersey-based Crail, and shows a fed-up pooch repeatedly honking the horn of its owner’s car. The incessant honking only ends when the dog catches sight of its beloved human coming out of the store.

It “only “ took eight honks on the horn for the dog and car’s owner to get out of the store, laughing out loud at the pooch’s resourcefulness. How did that dog even learn how to use the horn?

We realize that dogs learn by observing, just like small children do, and they remember which actions get a positive result from the “alpha”. So if this dog knew that the annoying sound coming from the car will coerce the owner to come quickly to his side, then all it had to do is go to the driver’s seat and press as hard as it could. That is just ingenious!

Credit: Justin Crail via Storyful

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