Baby Is Moved To Tears By Mother's Beautiful Song

Newsflare Published August 11, 2017 5,306 Plays

Rumble A cute video from the Newsflare archive of a baby who appears to be moved to tears by his mother's beautiful singing. Be warned; you might start crying yourself!

Captured in Dickson County, Tennessee in 2016, the clip shows the mother feeding little Leland and singing him a religious song when his eyes suddenly fill with tears which then stream down his face. The song that made baby Leland cry is “Good Good Father" by the band “Housefires."

Baby Leland giggles and laughs at first, but as mom’s song continues, his crystal blue eyes start to well up, and a single tear rolls down his cheek. Whether it was the strong meaning behind the lyrics of the song (Matt Reynolds and Pat Barrett sing about the fully affirmed sons and daughters who know who they are in their Father’s embrace) or just the mother’s undeniably lovely voice, but Leland could not control his emotions!

It is as if he knows that the song is about happy things, but the melody brings good tears to his eyes, so he doesn’t just throw a crying fit. The baby just sobs quietly, while letting his tears rolls down his cheeks.

Music can do that do you. While songs that inspire the chills could sound happy or sad and can arouse you or calm you down, songs that make you cry are usually more sad and calmer, with slower tempos and more minor and diminished chords, to evoke a more soothing, or reflective, mood.

Wow, take a look at the baby’s face as he is delighted by the voice of his mother and those tears in his big blue eyes, makes us have tears in our eyes. We guess babies love parents singing to them. Their voices sooth them and maybe they find that relaxing.

Mother is not the only ones who love to sing to their kids. Dad love singing to them too! This baby girl has emotional reaction to daddy’s singing and she can’t help but smile!

As her dad continues to sing to her, she even lets out a little giggle; she loves every minute of this, she appreciates every moment of the love and affection, these two already have such a great bond, so adorable. Her dad carefully holds her head, as she continues to listen to him sing!

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