Peckish Pelican Mistakes Tourist For Banana

NewsflarePublished: August 11, 2017283 views
Published: August 11, 2017

People, this is exactly why you are not supposed to feed wild animals! They will think you as an extension of the food your feeding them and you might be in a viral video for it!

A Russian woman vacationing at a resort in Hurghada, Egypt had the most unusual story for folks back home: “A pelican tried to eat me on the beach!” But seriously, take a look at the crazy video to see for yourself, this is entirely true!

The woman approaches the bird with what looks like a piece of banana in her hand. She crouches next to the huge bird and stretches her arm out. The big bird is hesitant at first, looking not quite interested in the morsel he has been offered, but he eventually turns towards the kind woman and takes it from her hand, along with the fingers, the palm and the entire forehand!

No biggie, the woman retrieves her limb, laughing at what we assume is her husband behind the camera. What she doesn’t know is that the only the pelican has had a taste of Russian meat, nicely roasted in the Egyptian sun, he will not go back for that piece of banana she plans on feeding him. Instead, the pelican open its huge beak and attempts to swallow the woman instead!

The bird starts with the arm, but it appears to be bony, then goes for the gold pendant and necklace hanging from the woman’s neck, to little success. Perhaps that’s when the pelican decided that all the delicious, nummy stuff is behind the eyes, so he oooopens wiiiide and goes straight for her head!

Other tourists gather round to watch the woman giggle uncontrollably, while the bird tries to make sense of this meal. We are in awe with how calm the woman is, standing there while waiting for the pelican to make up his mind.

Then again, jumping and running might be a worse idea.

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