This Rally Driver Shows Incredible Skills

NewsflarePublished: August 11, 2017872 views
Published: August 11, 2017

It is very likely that you possess some very fine skills for driving your car. There is even that chance that you are even a professional driver. But could you steer a racing car going at incredible speeds while turning a sharp corner? Look at the video and see the levels of dexterity this guy has reached!

An amazing video has emerged from Lithuania of a rally driver demonstrating insane skills as he rounds a corner.

In the clip, which was filmed on August 5 in Azukriaunis, the driver hits a corner at high speed and takes off, flying through the air for entire five to ten meters. As he touches back down, the driver manages to control the car perfectly to round what remains of the corner without slowing down.

On this video, the driver shows insane driving skills, easily managing a racing car. His driving performance was so good that, if we may say so, it approximates real art. What he did after the touch down is what ballerinas do after a few minutes of pirouettes on the stage – they continue as if it was just walk in the park. Now, it is funny that for most people parking it's a whole art, but for this master of the wheelbarrow, it's all just florets. With confidence, we can say that for any car enthusiast viewing this video will bring a great pleasure.


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