Hilarious Grandma-To-Be Just Can’t Get To Grips With Pregnancy Reveal Riddle

Caters_NewsPublished: August 11, 2017878 views
Published: August 11, 2017

Out of all the baby announcements we have seen, this has to be the most down to earth, creative idea. The expecting parents literally told soon-to-be-grandma that they have “a bun in the oven”!

Grandma, however, took her precious time figuring out the riddle. Expecting mom Natalie Stanton from Rockhampton, Australia hid a bun in the oven in her mom Robyn’s kitchen and they threw a “hot or cold” game for Robyn to find the clue.

The 53-year-old was hunting for the clue in her PJs, walking around the kitchen while her daughter gave her hints. “You are getting warm….very warm...hot!” as grandma reached the oven. At first, she opened the drawer above the oven and jokingly pulled out a roll of tin foil “Alfoil, aw, thank you!’ jokes Robyn.

But then she opens the oven and sees a bread roll inside. She pulls it out and has no idea what to do with it. “Is it a special bread roll? What’s wrong with it”?

Natalie and her husband tried every possible hint they could think of to help Robyn figure out the clue for her surprise, until she finally remembers that a bread roll is also called a bun and she found it in the over. Revelation sparks in grandma’s eyes and her jaw drops when she figures out - Natalie is pregnant!

“I was relieved that she finally got it, there was a point where I thought she never would.” said the happy mother. That grandma sure has a sense of humor!

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