Tony Abbott Impersonator Hands Out 'Vote No' Cards Against Same-Sex Marriage

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 10, 2017
Published: August 10, 2017

A comedian nailed his impersonation of former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, a leader of the anti-gay marriage movement in Australia. Jonas Holt, who was fully suited up, was seen in Martin Place handing out vote-no cards for the plebiscite. Abbott, who once said he felt “threatened” by gay people, has been front and centre of the campaign against same-sex marriage. His sister, lesbian Sydney councillor Christine Forster, has spoken out against his conservative values. On August 10, Holt, who has made a career sledging the Liberal MP, stood out in Martin Place urging people to vote no in the upcoming postal referendum. “It’s the issue of the day,” Holt said while a man rummaged through the garbage bins behind him, not far from the notorious homeless camp. “$122 million well spent.” Credit: Facebook/Tony Abbott Impersonator via Storyful

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