Forbidden Truths, Conflict Zones, and Reality Checks

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This is not going to be for the feint of heart, but it will be accurate.

There is no end to narratives available when it comes to the what is called a few things: the "War in Ukraine, Russia's Special Operation, Nato vs Russia War, US/Russia War and/or even WWIII"

Our guest is on Ukraines "Hit List" for a reason. Having lived through the wringer of exposing his own nation's wrong doing in Iraq, Zelensky does not scare him.

Scott has been over the target for decades. His superpower is providing the most accurate, understandable, digestible analysis on the Ukraine fiasco and the many geopolitical influence's and impacts.

Former U.N. weapons inspector was one of those who blew the whistle on the story proving there were no weapons of mass destruction and paid for it with his career, that is a familiar story in this day and age of information warfare and character assassinations and cancel culture which they only do when your over the target.

I invited him because he believes in saying hard things, not because it's an easy thing to do but it was the right thing.

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