Cute Kid Falls Asleep While Doing Homework

Newsflare Published August 10, 2017 742 Plays

Rumble They never tell you how much work, commitment and effort your education takes, and how many long years you need to prepare to become what you are today. You need to through all the stages of becoming a grown-up: kindergarten, school, college, university. The most vivid impressions and memories begin with the first class. The first teacher, bright books, covered with still inept handles of writing. Time flies in an instant. And here is the last call, the receipt of the certificate of secondary education, graduation. A bright future ahead.

When you think of your first school days, you think of all the fun you had while meeting your new friends, and how exciting it was to begin that new chapter of your life. But, then there were some bad days as well. Those were the days when fun was over and because the teacher said you need to study hard for the test and do your homework. Even if your mom and dad were understanding enough to let you play right after school and leave serious stuff for later, you would be so tired and you will ever be able to finish it before bedtime. And we know what that means – an angry teacher the next day.

The adorable little boy in this video is having one of those days. he came back from school, and now it's time for her to do his homework. But he is so tired he can barely hold his eyes open. The entire situation is hilarious!

A very cute clip of a little Chinese boy falling asleep while doing his homework. The clip, filmed in Shijazhuang, Hebei Province on July 15, shows the four-year-old nodding while practicing writing numb
Have you ever been so tired that you just fell asleep in the middle of doing something? Well no matter how tired you were then, this little kid has got you beat! This adorable little boy is falling right asleep while sitting covered in handouts, books, and notebooks writing his! Look at him nodding off again and again while still trying to be a hardworking student and finish the task ahead. The most amazing thing about him is that he does not raise the white flag of defeat and surrender to sleep, he soldiers on! However, despite his best efforts, this little guy is just way too tired to make it through! Watch him repeatedly fall asleep throughout the entire process. Nap time!

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