Golden Labrador Scared Of Stairs Slides Down Paws First

Caters_NewsPublished: August 10, 201711,816 views
Published: August 10, 2017

A Golden Labrador scared of the stairs has been caught sliding down them paws first in an adorable video clip uploaded by Ben Walley.
Amber Kennealy, 25, from Clinton Township, Michigan, has filmed her pooch, Ace, attempting the stairs at her home. The pup is caught at the top of the down staircase calculating the stairs and figuring a way down. Little Ace is using his front paws first to climb down the staircase.

His back legs are just standing still as he crawls down and slides over in a very clumsy way. This little fellow is still learning how to use the stairs and is adorable how much he tries but doesn't seem to be getting the knack of.
This cute Labrador boy is only 14 weeks old and is still figuring out the world around him. In this video, he constantly struggles to conquer the downward staircase in his home.

The carpet covered stairs don't stop him from sliding head first down the staircase. It is so adorable to watch and will sure put a smile on your face. This curious dog continues to practice his way down, and won't give up until he masters this new quest of his.

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