Gray Whale Appears Feet From Swimmers At Laguna Beach

NewsflarePublished: August 9, 20179,959 views
Published: August 9, 2017

An amazing video has emerged from California, USA of a lost gray whale at Laguna Beach only a few feet away from a group of swimmers. The incredible drone footage shows the marine mammal cruising around the shallows of the clear blue water. The swimmers appear to be oblivious to the huge creature beneath them.

"A gray whale showed up inside Dana Point Harbor today and was lost inside for a couple hours," the filmer wrote online.

"After it exited the harbor, it continued up the coast towards Alaska where the rest of the gray whales are feeding right now."

Nature is truly beautiful. The animals in it are truly spectacular and amazing to see. This whale is great example of that. It is a shame that so many animals are suffering because of our negligence. Hopefully in the near future we change our ways and create a safe environment for every being to enjoy!

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