Drowning Lizard Gets CPR From Kind Woman

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Published: August 9, 2017Updated: August 10, 2017

Amy Hooks and her family found a drowned lizard in their pool in the state of Nevada. She used CPR in order to bring it back to life, and in the end, succeeded.

A Nevada woman whose family found a small lizard drowning in their pool saved the tiny reptile's life using CPR-like rescue techniques.

Amy Hooks posted a video to YouTube that first shows the lizard struggling in her family's Summerlin pool.

The video cuts to Hooks using her fingers to perform chest compressions on the unresponsive lizard as her husband, Kevin, and son, Casey, offer suggestions and encouragement.

Hooks appears to give up at one point, concluding the lizard is "dead," but she resumes compressions and the lizard eventually gives a twitch, followed by starting to breathe on its own.

The video ends with the lizard sunning itself and recovering while Hooks' husband and son muse on whether the lizard needs to find his parents, or whether he "is the parent" and is supposed to "pick up groceries."

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