Hilarious Golden Retriever Struggles To Catch Food In His Mouth

StoryfulPublished: August 9, 2017970 views
Published: August 9, 2017

We all love food and sometimes we like to have a little fun with it. It is always fun trying to take on the challenge of getting the food in your mouth while someone is throwing it towards you. Most of us try this out with popcorn but this dog experiences every different types of food coming its way. Pizza, sushi, tacos and even burgers! You name it and Fritz the golden retriever is up for the challenge! Unfortunately, Fritz can't catch a break...or food thrown at him for that matter. He may need a little bit of practise in coordination! We almost feel bad for laughing!

What Fritz lacks in coordination, he more than makes up for it in enthusiasm. No matter what happens, this doggy is always in a good mood, this is always important! No matter what, you never want to have a bad attitude. The large amount of enthusiasm Fritz has pays off for him in the end. Finally, he is able to catch some food in his mouth, awesome! This is very exciting to see! Credit: Evan Ball via Storyful

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Check out this dog trying to catch food in his mouth!

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