Camera Captures A Short Standoff Between A Coyote And A Cat

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Published: August 8, 2017

A security camera at one home in Denver, Colorado, caught the moment a cat fought off a coyote on August 7. Jason Zaffuto of Arvada, near Denver, said that he was working late at his home when he saw the coyote run up to the stray cat, which he and his wife had been feeding.

The footage shows the cat outside the house’s front door, eating the food that the couple left for the cat. At around 12:34 a.m. the cat raises its back and hisses at the sight of a coyote running up to it. The coyote tries to approach the feline, but gets a near-swat in the face and moves back. Watch this quick standoff between these two animals and see what happens next!

Cats may be adorable but when it comes to food and territory they know what stance to take. Especially if they are in the middle of their dinner and some pesky intruder comes to disturb their peace. Then they raise their guard and do whatever necessary to chase off the unwanted company. That is exactly what happens in this video one apparently calm night when the family cat was eating peacefully its dinner on the porch of the house. While the cat was enjoying its meal, a coyote approached the cat and tried to steal its food. In an attempt to defend itself, this feline went into an attack mode by raised the back which is a cat’s way to show the enemies that it is ready to fight.

The coyote tried to come closer but the cat, not thinking twice, swung its paw to and showed this creature who is the boss here. For a brief moment, the coyote is out of the picture to only come back for its revenge. Well, this time the cat zooms out running and we see them no more. We hope that the cat made the most of the situation and was the one who succeeded to chase away the coyote and saved its dinner.

The entire commotion alerted the family dog. The cat fought off the coyote, while Zaffuto ran outside to chase it away. The security footage shows the moment the coyote comes up to the cat, who takes a swipe at the coyote before both animals run away. Zaffuto said that he saw the cat later and it appeared to be fine.

The family says they are aware of the pack of coyotes in the neighborhood, but had never seen them approach their home before. "Definitely a first for me, I was just surprised to see one run up to my front door like that." said Zaffuto.

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Credit: Jason Zaffuto via Storyful

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      catsdonteatfeet · 1 year ago

      Kinda gross the owners were feeding the cat "feet". The coyote probably just wanted one for himself!