Surfing Dogs Collide Onto One Surfboard

Published August 8, 2017 3,475 Views $3.45 earned

Rumble As if surfing wasn’t cool enough, as of 2016 there is a World Dog Surfing Championships. Officially the Norcal Dog Surfing event & World Championships, the event is divided into four weight classes, including a tandem dog and tandem dog and human contest.

It is quite the event in Pacifica, Northern California, attracting quite the audience. But during this year’s championships, something quite unusual yet outstanding happened, that will probably be embedded in the minds of everyone who witnessed it for a very long time. One performance was looking like it might end tragically, but both surfers rode that wave so smoothly, everyone in the crowd was grabbing their heads in disbelief.

The epic moment happened on August 5, when two solo dog surfers were approaching the shore on their boards. One of the dogs is seen moving forward, while the other is careening a bit to the right and clearly into the first dog’s path. The audience thought they might collide and hurt themselves, but what happened what quite the contrary. Now that there is epic!

The second dog’s board slips from under his legs, but the pooch keeps riding the wave and the force of the water pushes him onto the first dog’s board! Suffice it to say the crowd went wild! What an impromptu tandem performance that was!