Amazing Rescue Of Drowning Bald Eagle

Caters_News Published August 8, 2017 510 Plays

Rumble A group of good Samaritans have come to the rescue of a doomed bald eagle, saving the exhausted bird from drowning. The eagle was found swimming in the Bay of Fundy, its wings weighed down by the water they had soaked up, preventing it from fly away. It was discovered by Angela and James Corbett and Angela's brother, Garnet, on June 28, 2017, while the group were harvesting clams near Moose Island on the Bay, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Angela managed to film the eagle swimming along, doing nothing more than "just staying afloat," she said. Fearing for the eagle, the trio decided to help the bird out of the waters, using jackets and sweaters to dry is feathers once it was in their boat.

This really is one good group of people! Good thing they intervened when they did as the unthinkable could have happened to that bald eagle! These people are heroes in our books! Faith in humanity restored!

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