Locals in Naples Say 'Enough' Amid Latest Confrontation Between Migrants and Security Forces

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 8, 2017
Published: August 8, 2017

A community group shared a video on August 6 showing a confrontation between Italian soldiers and immigrants on the streets of Naples. The video was posted to the Facebook page of the Comitato Quartiere Vasto (the Vasto District Committee) group, which is made up of residents living in the Vasto area of Naples. Lello Cretella, who shared the video on behalf of the group, posted, “Abandoned and betrayed!!!!!!!!” “Episodes like these happen every day in our neighborhood and everyone pretends not to see!!!,” he said, “We feel alone and abandoned… we fear for us and our families!!!! Now enough!!!” Speaking to Storyful, Cretella added that although the event shocked the neighborhood, it happened after countless reports, complaints and a petition signed by 600 people in the neighborhood. According to local reports, the video features a military patrol engaged in a “Safe Roads” operation stopping a person described as an immigrant on the street. The video shows soldiers appearing to arrest the man before being confronted by others, who pull the detained man away. The soldiers catch up to the group and apparently detain the suspect again. More people arrive and appear to challenge the soldiers. Credit: Facebook/Comitato Quartiere Vasto via Storyful

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