Bullied Girl Smiles First Time In Ten Years After Teeth Surgery

Caters_NewsPublished: August 8, 201713 views
Published: August 8, 2017

A bullied graduate is smiling for the first time in 10 years after having surgery to remove her pointy ‘shark teeth’ caused by a rare condition. Jenna Pfaff, 21, from San Jose in California, USA, was so embarrassed she covered her sharp triangular teeth with her gums, laughed with her mouth closed and hid them in all pictures.

At eight-years-old, her unusual gnashers led to a diagnosis of ectodermal dysplasia, a series of genetic disorders affecting the bones, teeth, hair and more. Classmates mocked her ‘messed up teeth’ and were referred to as ‘shark teeth’, the embarrassment of which, led Jenna to never smile in public. As her teeth began to break and fall-out in her late teens, Jenna was desperate to have surgery to fit implants so she no longer had to hide.

So, she went under the knife and had all her teeth removed, and a temporary set of dentures were put in place to strengthen her jaw. Since surgery, she can’t stop smiling and is no longer ashamed of bearing a toothy grin for the first time in a decade. Jenna, a pre-veterinary medicine graduate, said: “Growing up, my teeth weren’t like other kids, I had pointy teeth that were sharp, very fragile and triangular like shark’s teeth. I got used to not showing my teeth at all, I trained myself to never smile or laugh with”.

Now, she feels like a completely new person, she has a new haircut and feels energized. She smiles more often and with her mouth open without even thinking about it.

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