Aspiring Child Artist Exhibits Paintings In His Own Art Gallery To Finance His Tuition

Caters_NewsPublished: August 8, 2017
Published: August 8, 2017

Rodrigo Mendes or better known as “the little artist” is an eight-year-old Brazilian schoolboy who plans to finance his future education by selling his own artwork. He has opened a makeshift art gallery in a small humble roadside bar run by his aunt at his hometown of Sao Francisco, south-east Brazil, where he shows and sells his selected works. So far, he managed to produce an amazing 200 compositions in his short lifetime with more than half already sold. It is quite an output because this talented boy first started painting when he was only four years old.

So far, his selected method is landscapes painted on white ceramic bathroom tiles, but the growing profit promises a transition to canvas painting. Rodrigo shows understanding for for perspective and the use of light, shade and gradation of color. His compositions are chiefly produced by dipping his fingers into acrylic tubs of paint and daubing on the pigments, show a vibrant imagination and a spontaneous touch.

The tiles come in various sizes and are placed on wooden shelves just above the counter where the customers can pick one and pay for it together with their beer and chips. The price of Rodrigo’s piece of art ranges from 15 to 20 dollars. Apart from investing in the tuition fund, the profits are reinvested in painting supplies and equipment as well as a PC through which he plans to upgrade his establishment with a little marketing: a Facebook page exhibiting and selling framed one-off original pieces from his art portfolio.

His hobby is what fulfills him and this is why he is determined to become a professional artist one day.

“When I saw how determined he was to do what he loves, I decided to give him as much room as he needed in my bar to display his work,” his mother says.

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