Texan Woman Spotted A Mysterious Breed Of Bug

Storyful Published August 8, 2017 194,974 Plays

Rumble Our world is so big, it would be crazy to say we have seen everything there is to be seen. With all those hidden nooks and crannies around, we’re pretty sure that there surely is something we have yet to encounter and marvel at, like this woman did and was quick to film the interesting looking round bugs.

The peculiar shaped bugs were spotted in Houston, Texas. When Mandy Danyale spotted the circular bugs on the side of her house she was quick to grab her camera and record the odd critters that were seen marching to the beat of their own drum. From their color and shape to their unique and unusual movements, these bugs were like nothing she’d ever seen before.

Mandy saw the six bugs marching in a row and eventually moving into different geometric formations all in time with one another. The insects move for a few seconds, all freeze in sync and then continue their ‘jitterbug jive’. She described the plump bugs as "dancing blueberries", oddly enough. The might looks juicy, but we would not put them to the test.

Those leaving comments on the original video can't come to a consensus as to what the bugs may be. One user identified the creatures as southern green stink bugs, the same skunky insects found all over the world in various shades of green.

Others claim the insects are black kudzu bugs, another stinky insect found in the southern United States that is known to munch on soybeans and other crops.

Credit: MandyDanyale via Storyful


  • BroncoBob, 1 year ago

    That looks like it could be "Bedbugs", I know one thing, I'd be giving them a "12 EEE" immediately, if not sooner. Good luck with those things, I'm starting to itch all over just thinking about 'em. Get rid of them before they manifest into something serious.

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  • BKerr, 1 year ago

    I think they look like baby stink bugs

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