Mom Saw Teacher Walking Up To Her Son With Cerebral Palsy, So She Started Filming

starfisherPublished: August 7, 201750 views
Published: August 7, 2017

Imagine how it must have felt: No disability for the moment, just a boy running a race, encouraged by a caring teacher and many supportive classmates.

If we could just capture the feelings this video/situation brings and save them for when things get tough.

When you think things are getting too hard and you can’t forge ahead just think of Matt.

If we think we have an unmanageable situation, again, just think of Matt.

How often do we take things for granted? How often we forget that people have higher mountains to climb than we do and they come through just fine?

Matt sets an example that we shouldn’t soon forget.

In our world today there are plenty of stories of bullying and poor student behavior.

That’s not the case here. What we have is a teacher who made a difference (as many often do) and classmates that went above and beyond to help a friend finish the race.

A race which holds a lesson to be learned for everyone.

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