80-Year-Old Granny Shows Off Crazy Basketball Skills

NewsflarePublished: August 7, 2017195 views
Published: August 7, 2017

Next time someone you know complains they are too old for something, you show them this video! A cool footage has emerged from China of an 80-year-old grandmother showing off her amazing basketball skills.

In the clip, which was filmed in Nanning, Guangxi Province on July 20, the lady effortlessly shoots several baskets in a row. To us here, she doesn’t look a day over 40. Even her hair is still pitch black, how is that possible?

We see her slow running towards the ball after every shot, grabs it and bounces it a few times before making the perfect shot. Every. Single. Time. She even manages to throw an airball like it’s nothing! How many airballs have you thrown, huh?

This is just amazing! We see people her age all the time and they look like they couldn’t even hold the ball with both hands, let alone bounce it around a basketball court and throw it in the hoop! Age is definitely just a number. It’s how you feel that is important!

According to local news, she took up basketball in 2012 when she was 75 and has been a fan ever since. She has gotten a long way in five years, that’s for sure. Go grandma!

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