Brighton Beach 'Critters' Swarm For Meat After Feasting on Teen's Leg

StoryfulNewsPublished: August 6, 20172,780 views
Published: August 6, 2017

A Melbourne father has shared gruesome video of tiny sea creatures feasting on meat, a day after his son was savaged by the “critters” on Saturday, August 5. Jarrod Kanizay’s 16-year-old son, Sam, had been playing football and decided to soak his legs at Brighton beach to soothe post-athletic soreness, Kanizay told Storyful. Kanizay said there was “heaps of bleeding” when Sam came in from the water, where he had been standing in the evening for half an hour. He was taken to hospital to stem the bleeding, which resulted from “pinprick” bites from the unknown creatures. “I haven’t heard of this before.” Kanizay and some friends collected the animals in a pool net by luring them with food, leaving them overnight to devour hunks of red meat. The insect-like creatures are being examined, according to AAP. Credit: Jarrod Kanizay via Storyful

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