WTF? Black, Brown or Red Center of Banana

starfisherPublished: August 6, 2017Updated: August 7, 2017
Published: August 6, 2017Updated: August 7, 2017

Every healthy diet should include plentiful amounts of fruits and vegetables and when these healthy foods are not properly monitored by the stores that provide them, any number of problems can ensue as a result. Consuming a wide spectrum of fruits and vegetables is important to having a healthy body and when this British mother headed to the store one day to pick up bananas, she was only doing what is right.

However, the bananas that she purchased for her little girl ended up causing illness. Once she cut them open and took a closer look, she realized that they contained red streaks. While we are certainly not experts on the matter, we are sure that bananas are not supposed to look like this when you open them up and feed them to your hungry little ones.

Unfortunately, Lissa did not have a chance to take a closer look at the bananas before her daughter Dionne chose one to eat and before she knew it, her child had fallen ill. Once she realized that her child was sick, she found the reddish streaks inside of the fruit. The bananas had developed a form of mold known as nigrospora. This mold has a different effect on humans than you might expect.

This mold can also take on a blackish hue and it is not considered to be toxic to humans. Even still, Lissa decided that she was not going to take any chances when it came to the health of her daughter and she rushed her child to the emergency room as soon as she became aware of the issues with the banana that Dionne had consumed.

Fortunately, Dionne did not experience any sort of severe medical issues as a result of this moldy banana. She was released from the hospital and has since made a full recovery. The store’s representatives were quick to issue a statement that expressed their sympathies on the matter, but they also made sure to mention that the mold contained within the bananas is not a mold that is considered to be harmful to humans.

No one ever wants to accidentally feed tainted food to their little ones and we hope that stories like these do not become the norm. Please share this story with all of the parents in your life, so that they can check over the fruits and veggies that they feed their children and avoid any unwanted trips to the hospital.

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