10 Strongest Kids You Won't Believe Actually Exist

SlappedHamPublished: August 6, 201710 views
Published: August 6, 2017

From a girl that can lift over 4 times her own body weight to a child that performs more than 600 push-ups and sit-ups every day, we count the top 10 strongest kids on Earth.

All ten of these children have displayed superhuman strength at super young age, they have left their elders in awe! Most of the kids come from the eastern parts of Europe, which might make you think there is something in the water. Just kidding on the water part, but these kids sure have some exceptionally good genes!

Both boys and girls have shown remarkable strength. Starting with Richard Sandrak, a Ukrainian boy that moved to the US and became a child bodybuilding prodigy. He quickly became known as Little Hercules, a title which got him a role in a children’s movie of the same name. He got tired of bodybuilding in his adolescence though and quit.

Later we have the Stroe brothers from Romania. When they were five and three years old, respectively, they had six packs that most adult male models would turn green over!

At last, we have Liam Hoekstra, whose adopted parents say that they knew he wasn’t like other toddlers when he was just 5 months old. It later turned out that the boy suffers from a condition where the body builds muscle fast while inhibiting body fat. Don’t we all wish we had something like that?

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