Breaking; Secret Video: 130 Rogue Canadian Unions Collude for "Intervention" Against Parents March

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This is beyond acceptable for any Union behaviour. Every union involved in this needs to be served a “cease & desist” and held under investigation. This is what systemic Hate really looks like. #HateGate #UnionsBusted

130 Unions in Canada are taking part in organizing intimidation, assaults and hate crimes against peaceful protesters and supporters of children.

Due to extreme amounts of LGBT propaganda we are now seeing a 15,000% rise in castration, sterilization, and mutilation clinics for children in the USA. Canadian figures unavailable but likely equally disturbing given the incessant assault on our culture since the Liberal regime came to power.

That same propaganda now has 130 Unions organizing against parents trying to defend their kids against exactly these medical predators. This is a pretty good indicator as to how many kids they are carving up in support of their future permanent clients.

These kids are being victimized and will be dependent on the medical state for the rest of their lives no matter how short those lives will be. #UnionGate #HateGate #ConsentNoMore

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