Mom Abandons Her Son Because Of His Disability. 24 Years Later, He Proves That Nothing Is Impossible

nollygrioPublished: August 5, 2017Updated: August 7, 2017
Published: August 5, 2017Updated: August 7, 2017

24 year old Solomon Kabule is probably used to the attention in his life.

Having been born limbless, he's used to the stares and murmurs. But on this day at the PEEA church Mukarara Solomon draws in multitudes to witness what would have been considered an impossibility.

With his condition, Solomon's parents abandoned him as a child leaving him to be raised in an orphanage. Little did he know it would be the place he would meet his life partner Salome Njeri.

Salome Njeri and Solomon Kabule Salome said she was attracted to him because of his determination and the love that he feels for her. That determination was proved in front of a packed church hall. The couple exchanging their wedding bands

The couple exchanged vows and Solomon used his foot to put the ring on Salome’s left hand and Salome put her own ring for him on his left toe. This is really true love at it’s best.

Solomon has proved that in every inability, there is an ability and most importantly tht love conquers all and knows no bounds..

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