Thousands Cram Into Chinese Swimming Pool During Heatwave

NewsflarePublished: August 4, 20171,831 views
Published: August 4, 2017

You will never see your local pool as “too crowded” once you see this footage! A bizarre video has emerged from China of thousands of people cramming into a swimming pool as a heatwave hit southern China.

In the clip, which was captured at the Daying Dead Sea Tourist Resort on July 12, thousands of people with inflatable rubber rings cover every inch of the wave pool, so tightly crammed in that they can hardly move. Local media described the swimmers as "like cooking dumplings."

Sweltering temperatures have forced young and old to blow up their floaties and soak in the water of the wave pool. Every popular water park in China has been overflowing with visitors, since the massive heatwave hit the world most densely populated country in the world.

China has been facing with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, which is the highest they have gotten in 145 year! While most of the country has been roasting on the streets, areas in the south-central part of China have been battling with heavy rains and flash flooding.

Authorities have said that more than 60 people were killed in landslides or are missing in floods, while thousands of houses are damaged. People in Qianxinan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province in China have recorded a huge chunk of clay and rock as it broke away and crashed off the side of the mountain, after a season of heavy rain has hit the country.

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