Locals Risk Their Lives To Travel In Rotting Cable Cars Across Steep Gorge

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Published: August 4, 2017

The city of Chiatura in Georgia, Europe, should be known for it mines rich in manganese and iron ores. Instead it has become famous, or rather infamous, for the impressive network of cables that stretch a total of fix thousand meters (almost 20 thousand feet) across the gorge over the Kvirila River. The catch? The cabins and cables are rotting away into oblivion, with paint and rust peeling from the walls and they squeak while in motion.

Still, the locals called this network the “minibus” and most rely on them as their preferred mode of transport.

This miner’s town sits 220 km from Tbilisi in the gorge of Kvirila river. The cable cars were constructed in 1954 for the convenience of miners and locals, to cross from one side of the river to the other. This was the first passenger cable car built under soviet power over what is known as the largest gorge in the world.

This footage was captured by Andrei Ghilan from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. His passion is to visit unusual places that tourists usually avoid, so of course he had to go see the rotting cable cars of Chiatura. He says the ride alone is very scary and, in case of a power outage, there is literally no way to bring the car to your desired destination manually.

Authorities are aware of the situation there cars are it. They are building a new station in place of the old one, so that tourists can feel safe to come and visit this unusual location.

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