Guy Throws Bars Of Sodium Metal Into Pool Of Orbeez

Newsflare Published August 4, 2017 3,273,026 Plays

Rumble Dazzling footage has emerged showing an impressive explosive experiment involving Orbeez and sodium metal.

Footage was filmed both on land and with a drone and features Tech Rax and his friends throwing sodium metal into a pool filled with thousands of Orbeez. We all know them well, because they are the toy that all of us wanted all of the friggin time because they. Are. So. Cool!

Basically, Orbeez are a type of plastic called polymer that has superabsorbent properties to it. What that means is these minuscule little marbles are able to absorb and retain extremely large amount of liquid relative to their own mass. It sometimes depends on the ionic properties of the liquid; basically, if it is distilled water, orbeez can absorb up to 300 times more than their own weight and become 99.9% liquid. How cool is that?

So Tech Rax grabs about 50 bags of the colorful little balls and dumps them in the pool filled with gorgeous, crystal clear water. Moments later, the Orbeez expand in size and create a giant pile of colorful balls overflowing the pool. Orbeez appear like the old-fashioned marble balls that children used to play with and they are sure inviting.

Orbeez are actually superabsorbent polymers that grow to more than 100 times their volume when placed in water. Polymers are several molecules joined together and they grow when the water is absorbed in the spaces between the molecules. They were invented way back in the ’60s for the purpose of irrigating crops during the time of droughts.

Only dipping your hands in Orbeez and letting the little eyeballs squish through your fingers is very relaxing and meditative.

Video footage was captured on Thursday 27 in July 2017 featuring what happens when you mix sodium metal with pool full of Orbeez. The answer is awesomeness! YouTuber Tech Rax published this video on YouTube and presented his explosive experiment when he combined Orbeez gel balls with sodium metal. The results are impressive!

When the Orbeez expanded hundred times their size and started floating in the pool, covering the water underneath them, the guy in this video threw sodium metal in it, but it landed on top of the gel balls. He used a bottle to submerge the sodium metal in order to get the desired reaction to have the sodium metal interact with the water below.

The moment the sodium was submerged under the gel balls and touched the water beneath, a severe explosion took plays that sent hundreds of Orbeez up in the air. Kids, this is one experiment that you shouldn't try at home because someone might get hurt!

Right after the explosion, the pool started deflating and thousands of Orbeez poured out of it. We can see one of the guys chilling in the pool, surrounded with tiny squishy balls! This is one way to relax after a long tiresome day, don’t you think?

According to Wikipedia, the largest use of SAPs is found in personal disposable hygiene products, such as baby diapers, adult diapers and sanitary napkins. SAP is also used for blocking water penetration in underground power or communications cables, horticultural water retention agents, control of spill and waste aqueous fluid, and artificial snow for motion picture and stage production.


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