Bear Opens Motorist's Car Door In California

NewsflarePublished: August 4, 20178,716 views
Published: August 4, 2017

Scary footage of a bear opening a couple's car door twice as they stopped to observe the animal. The video, captured on July 31 in California, shows the bear standing on its hind legs before it opens the helpless couple's car door.

The filmer is then forced to whistle to make the bear run away, however, it open the door a second time before the car owner drives off. “We were about to go hiking then this bear block our path so we jumped in the car and tried to scare it off. The elderly couple just sat there taking pictures,” the filmer wrote about his experience.

It seems that modern day bears have learned how to stay up to date with the technology. Bears have unusually high dexterity for large carnivores, which partly reflects the wide variety of food sources they exploit. So if they man manipulate certain nuts into opening and spilling their delicious guts, what kind of an obstacle is a car door?

This is not the first video that we have seen of a bear opening a car door. A family witnessed their car being hijacked by a clever brown bear in front of their home in the Smokey Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. That bear managed to open both the front and the back door on the driver’s side, but we are not sure if it found anything interesting enough to get inside.

This bear, however, not only managed to open the driver’s side door on a van, it actually went inside and sat in the driver’s seat, like an aspiring chauffeur! That is just hilarious!


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