Husband And Wife Prepare Mouthwatering Popcorn The Old-Fashioned Way

StoryfulPublished: August 3, 2017117 views
Published: August 3, 2017

We can just bet that you haven’t seen popcorn done this way!

Living in 2017 has made us forget how certain things are made. With food being mass produced to be within a hand’s reach in our local markets, most of the time we don’t even know how the product came to be, or where it came from. Biology classes teach us that food comes from the ground, but we are encapsulated in a concrete jungle and that notion is rather foreign for us.

Take the popcorn for example. It’s the most desired snack for a greater part of the human population, yet half of them can’t tell you how it’s made because they buy it packaged in the local supermarket. Well, this video will make us learn once and for all how those tiny little corn kernels become puffy clouds of deliciousness.

Arnold Schrock filmed an Amish husband and wife making kettle-cooked popcorn in Fredericksburg, Ohio. Arnold happened to come across the couple while attending the South Central Fire District Homecoming – a fundraising event for the local fire department. The man warms up the oil in the kettle than throws the corn inside. When the first white kernels appear, he dumps sugar inside and continues mixing the corn, after a few seconds, he puts the mesh cover on top so that the popcorn doesn’t pop right out of the kettle. In a few short seconds, the batch of sugary deliciousness is done and ready to be served.

Credit: Arnie Schrock via Storyful

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